Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I don't celebrate the holiday, but I do LOVE to use the holiday as an excuse to give something to my surrogate nieces/nephews in my small group! LOVE THOSE KIDS! ALL OF THEM!!!

First up, a colorful palate of paint, representing the rainbow. I hot glued three rolo candies to the palate and attached a cute flag that read, "You are my gold at the end of the rainbow!"

Next up, a baggie of Lucky Charm cereal. The front of the tag read, "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" And the back of the tag read, "You are my lucky charm! Love, T, L, and J."
I sure hope the kiddies are enjoying their paint!!!!


  1. we loved our gifts, so creative :)

  2. Daniel painted a card to send to his great-great grandmother! It's hard to look around my house and not find something that hasn't come from your heart!


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