Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine Blast Off!

For Tyson's 1st grade class, I made Valentine's rocket ships. I will have to say, this project really had my eyes rolling (maybe because it took me till 1:30 am to finish them?). This project called for packages of rolo candy, but my Ty guy does NOT like chocolate, so we used Mentos candy instead! At one point, this project was so agonizing that I almost just stuck a tag on each package of mentos candy and had it read, "We're men-to be friends!" I CREATED that on my own :) It sure would have been much easier.

After two days of working on them, I finally finished. I love the finished look. I am so grateful I was not a fly, on the wall, in Ms. Thomsen's classroom because it would have devastated me to watch Ty's classmates tear the rocket ship to shreds to get to the mentos.

These are so cool, but I DO NOT recommend making them. TOOOO time consuming. I do NOT plan to provide a list of necessities and directions unless you request it.