Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Heading to Charlotte...

....ALONE, with the HUBBS! Darren and I are really BIG on Valentine's Day and birthdays! We decided this year, rather than dealing with the struggle of finding 3 sitters, for 3 different occasions, and paying out 3 separate installments/payments, just to eat at Carrabass 3 times, we would just hire ONE sitter, do 1 over night, and pay ONE FEE! We are getting wiser now that we are in our mid-30's.

So off we go, on Friday, to celebrate our February birthdays and Valentine's day (a little on the late side, but it's never too late to express love in an extraordinary way). We chose the venue Charlotte, NC. It was really my choice. Close enough to home, but FUN and FAST PACED! I don't want to waste all of my alone time with Darren in a car.

We are staying at the SouthPark Renaissance Marriott Hotel. It looks incredible from the website. I found an amazing deal that is allowing us to stay here for $149.00, TWO FREE FULLY COOKED breakfasts, and drum roll..... a $50 gift card to ANY store in the mall. So basically, we are staying at this hotel for $100. 00 or less if you count the cost of breakfast.

I am so psyched and FORVER grateful to Kaitlyn and Shawn Belcher WHO ALWAYS come to our rescue. Without them, we'd NEVER be able to leave town childless. LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!! MUAH!
I am NOT sure what our plans are other than dinner, shopping, and snuggle time. I even hope to get to sleep in a little. I value my quality time with Darren immensely. I love those times when I don't have to fight with the kids for conversation time.

Be on the look out for later posts when we return. A little birdie tells me there is an IKEA there. Better get my birthday cash ready to BURN!!!!