Sunday, February 26, 2012


Lilah and Jax are about to turn 3 years old. Sheez, it's so hard to believe. I was toying with the idea of NOT giving them a birthday party and just making their new bedrooms their gift, but of all the years to throw them a party, THIS IS THE YEAR! They tell everyone, "My birthday is March 25th!" "On March 25th, I will be three!" It's so cute, so I didn't want the year to pass without celebrating.

I am notorious for throwing HUGE parties, filled with tons of detail, but this year I am NOT up for sleepless nights and contracting hives, from the stress/pressures, just to show that I can replica or create a priceless party. I think I finally have my priorities in check.

Now, with that being said, the twins party is by no means going to be without detail or quite
S-I-M-P-L-E. I'm not capable of simple, I don't think. I always focus on three details when planning a party: invites, cake/cupcakes, and party favors. I like to set the tone properly getting, the kids enthusiastic for the party, with the invites. I'm not sure about your kiddies, but when we are on the way to a party, all my kids talk about is the cake they will get to eat. Tyson's famous question is always, "What if the cake is chocolate mommy?" And finally, party favors... you've GOT to send your guests home with memorable stuff that lasts a lifetime.

So where is Lilah and Jaxon's 3rd birthday party going to be??? Build-A-Bear!!!!! It's not elaborate or overly "special", but in 7 years of throwing and going to birthday parties, we have NOT been to Build-A-Bear for a party YET! I am even MORE excited about this party because out of 11 guests, 7 have YET to experience Build-A-Bear to this day!!! This will be a ROYAL TREAT for everyone.

I spent many days and nights racking my brains on a cute invite. I didn't want the invite to just be something in an envelope. I had three options that I came up with all on my own, but I finally settled on "THE" idea.

I created wording for an actual invite and purchased a jpeg final on etsy (parents can use this as the reminder for the party's date/time). Then, I pre-purchased brown and ivory bears (unstuffed) and hung them hangers. I wrote a letter to each child, from the bear's perspective, and enclosed all of the items in a Build-A-Bear gift bag, along with a small snack... gummy bears.

Enjoy the photos!!!