Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daddy's Girl!

On Valentine's Day, Darren surprised Lilah with a yellow rose and short, but sweet note, left on the table for Lilah. I think it melted my heart more than hers :) She was excited, but when I told her to smell it, she lost interest quick. She thought the smell was awful.

I am just thankful that Lilah will know what it's like to be romanced! Not that her daddy is romancing her, but she'll have an understanding of what a man can do to show that extra love.

The note was so cute... It read, "For my Bowskeez!! I love you sweetheart! - Daddy" I love this note because 2 weeks prior to that, I ordered a card on tinyprints, for Lilah to give to Darren, and it arrived the same day her rose did. She "signed" the card to her daddy, "Love, Bowskeez" too! That's her nickname from daddy.