Friday, January 6, 2012

More Fun Christmas Gifts - - IN ACTION!

In keeping up with our family's Halloween costume theme, Tyson received Napoleon Dynamite's favorite "sport" for Christmas... tether ball. Grandad and Grandnee purchased this for him, but the entire family has been enjoying it. The coolest thing about this particular gift is that we can use it outdoors AND indoors because it's TENNIS tether ball. The ball is not as destructive as a volleyball/dodgeball would be. Enjoy the video clips. Ty has even gone as far as to make the same sound effects as Napoloen... "Yes... Yes... Yes..." after each hit takes place. He's a hoot!

PS. Definitely BE SURE to watch each video. While they all contain ONE common denominator (tether ball) they are all comical in their own ways. Poor Jax gets abused in almost EVERY video. Watch closely.

PSS. Lilah is thoroughly enjoying a few phone conversations with her grandmas, on her fake phone. If this is remotely close to what her teenage years are going to be like, WE ARE IN REAL TROUBLE.

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  1. i love the new blog pics :) what a fun activity! thank you for encouraging me to get our video camera out and actually use it. your kiddos will really enjoy watching these someday! (maybe not darren b/c he may not want to be reminded how yummy his burp was.)


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