Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Fun Christmas Gifts - - IN ACTION!

An oldie, but goodie..."Magic SPIN ART"! It used to be a favorite toy of mine growing up! I am always so anxious to introduce one of MY childhood favorites to my children. UNFORTUNATELY, as a kid, EVERYTHING seems so MUCH COOLER than when you are an adult. I vividly recall the disappointment I FELT when I introduced the game Candy Land to my kids. Ah... that game can be so grueling. LOL! But the kids just LOVE it when they get a "double yellow" or even better "the lollipop".

I purchased the spin art for Tyson because he loves to be artistic as do the twins. I attempted to use it with all three kids at the same time. As you will see from the videos, it went rather smooth like I anticipated. The kids did fight over who would go first, the "mess-free" concept managed to still create a little mess, and the paint bottles were a tad difficult for the twins to squeeze and expel paint. Regardless, we all managed to still create beautiful masterpieces. This project made me think about how quickly God created this magnificent universe, basically in a "drop" of a hat. That's how our masterpieces were made, by the "drop" of paint. If only our masterpieces were half as cool as His!
This toy can be purchased at Toys R Us. I believe I paid about $15.00 for it!