Monday, December 19, 2011

Sitter Love, Christmas Crafts and Freedom...

Today I hired Kaitlyn Belcher (ah... still getting used to the sound of that), to watch my kiddies, so I could go out and get some MORE Christmas shopping done. I wish I wasn't such a perfectionist. It has to be the right price, the right color, the right size, and it has to have the right meaning, the right purpose. Etc. etc. etc.... AH! Why me?

I set aside some ingredients as well as some links to some fun Christmas crafts I was hoping Kaitlyn would attempt with the kids. NOT to my surprise, the QUEEN of childcare completed them ALL :) I came home to so many fun completed projects and a yummy treat made for Aunt Whitney and Gram. I sure hope they don't read this post anytime soon.

First up.... I asked Kaitlyn to help the kids make "reindeer poop"! I'm sure you've seen or tasted this before.
Ingredients: pretzels, rolos, and pecans.

The kids unwrapped the rolos!!!

Next up, handprint ornaments. Gotta love pinterest! Ashely, I think you pinned this and snagged it. Thanks!!!!
I am SOOOOOO glad I wasn't home for this mess. God has blessed Kailtyn with so much patience.

Finally, Reindeer footprints. I think Ty is getting too big for this stuff. Only Lilah and Jax participated in this one.

Look at those colorful toosties!
Kaitlyn threw in her own "twists" by helping the kids play a game of TWISTER. Then when she put the twins down for their nap, she played a stressful game of JENGA. From the photo it looks intense.

Wonder how this game played out considering Lilah and Jaxon do not know their left from their right yet!
I always cherish and appreciate Kaitlyn's time spent in our home. She cares for our children like they are her very own. The kids have a BLAST and make so many memories.

It was tough after spending money while shopping to come home and spend more money on childcare, but in my eyes, it was 100% worth it. Kaitlyn you are the BEST!!!! Thanks for always coming to my rescue. I've said this before, but I can't help to repeat it... God sent me an ANGEL when he made YOU!

The "freedom" mentioned in the title was not as enjoyable as it normally is. The Christmas insanity has finally begun. I drove around the mall for 10 minutes and I couldn't find a parking spot. I decided to leave. I couldn't take it. It's probably all of those men out there that wait till the last five days to shop for their wives.