Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Christmas Traditions Complete...

Last Friday, I told the twins I would take them to ride the choo-choo at the mall and allow them to sit on Santa's lap. The twins aren't really tuned in to who Santa is just yet. We have been trying to deflate his status, in our home, just a tad, compared to all the hype we have made of him with Tyson over the years. We are still okay with allowing them to believe in Santa. It's all imaginative and pretend fun. Tyson was devastated when he heard of our plans and he asked if we would wait for him to get home from school before going. The twins were kind enough to wait. That also meant daddy could come along for the fun too! I thanked Darren while we were there because he really is a very joyfully involved daddy. It was sweet and exciting to witness the kids' enthusiasm as they rode the train. We refused to pay the high dollar price tag for the "professional" photo with Santa, but we did bring our own camera, and captured the best photos we could. They place a ton of STIPULATIONS on anyone who brings their own camera.
Waiting patiently to ride the train.

Next up, sitting on Santa's lapand telling him what they desire for Christmas.

The blank stares, from the twins, and appearance of boredom (which was not the case) stemmed from NO NAP! Recall... we waited on Ty to get out of school. I never found a good time to lay them down, so they were just completely out of it. Poor timing on my part :(

I know there are a ton of the kids with Santa. They all pretty much look the same, but I couldn't choose one. HENCE the reason I inserted almost ALL of them. Sorry to be so redundant.