Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Shopping Get Away With Hubby

On Friday, my sweet hubby took the day off (first time EVER, for ME, in 15 years of working) to Christmas shop. Our dear friends, Shawn and Kaitlyn, cared for our children from 7 am - 11 pm while we explored the Short Pump Mall and the Stoney Point Fashion Center in Richmond, VA. The trip was a ton of fun and it was so enjoyable to be with Darren without the distraction of our three children. It's not often that time spent alone with Darren is possible so for me, this was the greatest Christmas present I could ask for. Unfortunately, I am a REALLLLLY picky Christmas shopper. I have to read reviews and search my i-phone for coupons etc., so I didn't get as much done as I had anticipated. I was still grateful to be able to shop and NOT have to bring strollers, goldfish, and children along for the 16 hour shopping day!!! A special thanks to Shawn who woke up at 6:30 am to head our way to care for the kids until Kaitlyn could arrive. And an even bigger thanks goes to Kaitlyn for spending her FIRST day off, from being done with student teaching, to watch MORE children. :)

I was unable to take any pictures of our trip because my camera's battery had died, but the photos would have been of us shopping anyway. I did capture a video clip of a Christmas tree's lights dancing to the tune of a Christmas song. This was on the grounds of the Stoney Point Fashion Center.
Darren and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at the cheesecake factory! Starbucks. Dessert back at the cheesecake factory. AND THEN, Chipolte for dinner. We also went to a two story Barnes and Noble, on Broad Street, as well as a "5 Below". 5 Below is similar to a dollar store, only everything is $5 and below. The biggest excitement of the day, other than being without kids, was finding a REPLICA of Lilah and Jax's "baby" blankets. I cannot wait to present this to Lilah on Christmas morning.