Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas "No-Nos!"

Things I hate to hear before, on, and after Christmas day...

"What is Santa going to bring you?" - Yes, my children believe, but it is annoying to hear a perfectly good stranger focus on Santa's material gifts and not Christ eternal gifts.

"I think it's broken." OR "It doesn't work" - Darren is NOTORIOUS for NOT reading directions. Everything is broken on Christmas day... to him. Usually, a KEY "ingredient" is left out because he REFUSES to take the time to read the directions.

"I'm bored!" - This really did happen today, even after receiving an ungodly amount of gifts. This MOSTLY stemmed from the fact that Mr. DEPENDENT didn't have a sidekick aka DADDY to play with.

On another note, I am so surprised and disturbed at how many "right out of the box" gifts are TRULY NOT WORKING or damaged. I really am not ready to fight the return lines.