Monday, December 26, 2011

A Christmas Gift Put To Use...

Wow!!! Christmas has come and gone! I have spent two FULL days in my pajamas (barely brushing my teeth) because of the intense MESS around here. The day after Christmas is the day I HONESTLY wish I had only purchased THREE GIFTS for my children. It's insane. I spent well over 12 hours straight organizing, binging, purging, cleaning, UP all of the gifts they received. This week, I hope to post all of the excitement that took place in the last two days, but I apologize, in advance, because the posts will mostly likely be out of order. Starting with this post...

One of Ty's Christmas gifts was a set of foam wood, tools, and nails. Tyson loves to construct things. Let me take that back... Tyson loves to hammer nails into things. So, I thought having some mock wood, tools, and nails would be exciting and he would take the initiative to build on his own.
Unfortunately, Ty has NO patience, NOR does he enjoy being ALONE, so good'ol daddy agreed to build something with him. I honestly have to give MAJOR "PROPS" to my husband. I am NOT just saying this or falsely bragging to all those who read my blog, I REALLY MEAN THIS. When I grabbed my camera and snapped the FIRST photo, I put the camera down and said, "You do realize how good of a daddy you are, don't you?" He is so good to the kids. So involved. So much fun! I am always too consumed with cleaning, organizing, baking, and/or cooking.

Darren and Ty all sprawled out on the hardwood floors.
Check out where Darren has the saw! Near Ty's neck. YES, we do feel like we could literally do this to him some days :)

Anyway, Darren and Ty constructed an army tanker out of the foam wood and "foe" nails that were included in the package. I think it turned out awesome!!! I hope Ty is encouraged to try this on his own or while he has a friend over.