Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Break!

Christmas break is one week in and we are having a blast. I cannot believe how much we have done this week.

Monday - Baking and Crafts
Tuesday - Chuck E. Cheese & Haircuts
Wednesday - Pump It Up and McDonald's
Thursday - Duck Pond, Mamma's Pizza, and Driving Around to See Christmas Lights
Friday - Tomorrow we are making Jesus a birthday cake and I hope to do a mini-scrapbook with the kids to help them learn about what certain things stand for (ie. a Star at the top of the tree and a wreath). I hope to take Tyson on a date to see the movie "Chip-wrecked" while the twins nap.

It's been a very busy week filled with LOADS of fun. I am looking forward to some special hubby/daddy time this weekend! We are always thankful when Darren has an extra day off. It doesn't happen much.

Enjoy the photos of our outing to Pump It Up! We were joined with the Harris Family, the Fernandez Family and the Pierce Family.