Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tubal Ligation

A week or so ago, I finally went for my consultation to have my tubes tied. I received a ton of information and now is the hard part... researching what will be the greatest option for me. The permanency of having my tubes tied doesn't scare me one bit. This is a choice I know is best for our family. One child is a miracle, in and of itself, never mind two children. Three children is just simply undeserving and I have received that as well. I do NOT feel there is anything wrong with having the feeling or knowing when reproduction should STOP! :) I am so thankful that I have three children, but three is enough!!!! I want to be able to give them all ample love, attention, and discipline.

The good news is that this surgery, should I choose the one recommended, is NOT going to set me back a week, rather "maybe 1 day" (per Dr. Swisher). Truly, the expected week long recovery process was the ONLY thing holding me back.

Dr. Swisher also suggested (highly) doing a IUD, but if my purpose of implanting an IUD is because I know I NEVER want to be pregnant again, then I need even more permanency than an IUD.

With all of the above said, I am sure, when all of this is said and done, I will go through a "mourning phase" when I recognize a piece of my female privileges have been stripped away. Hmmm, so difficult to conclude, but, believe it or not, it still doesn't change my thoughts on having the procedure at all.

I welcome your prayers as our family tries to figure out all of the details.