Thursday, November 3, 2011

Benjamin Bear Comes to Visit

Tyson came home on Friday, rushed off the bus, ripped open his book bag and presented me with a binder, a poster to be filled out and a bear named Benjamin. Apparently, Ms. Thomsen pulls a name out of a hat and whomever's name is picked out, gets to take home the bear for the weekend. It's a cute idea and our Church does this too for the child with the best behavior, but NORMALLY Tyson has no homework on FRIDAY. Um, let's just say, the little, cute, furry Benjamin brought homework home with him. Fortunately, my son is truly so studious, that he did it all on his own. Here are a few cute pictures we took while Benjamin spent the weekend at our house.
Tyson had his classmate Beckett sleep over after his mommy took them to the Fall Festival at their school. Darren wasn't thrilled about this photo. LOL! Wonder why?!?!?!?! They are cute little 6 year olds. It's not like they are 13.

For breakfast, Benjamin joined the kiddies for some homemade banana pancakes, eggs, and bacon.