Saturday, November 5, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

After a stressful few weeks of narrowing down our family's costume selection and finally choosing the Napoleon Dynamite theme + Annie, I finally took a sigh of relief. THEN.... after winning the costume contest at Church, I decided those costumes were clever and cute, but not comfortable. So, on Halloween night, I allowed the kids to be comfy and trendy. The boys dug into their dress up basket and grabbed a super hero costume while Lilah decided to be a Virginia Tech cheerleader, since her "cousins" were cheerleaders. Ty was Iron Man (costume seemed a bit snug for him :) and Jax was Spiderman).

We were surprised by a visit from Carlene/"Cee-Cee", Salene, and Saleece this Halloween. We thought it would be a great memory if the kids went trick or treating together. Ansley also joined us. Salene and Ansley have met before and they are less than 2 weeks apart in age, so it was perfect. The ONLY problem was they were both competing for Ty's love and attention. :)

I wish I had a good video clip of how hilarious the evening was. It was like watching a horse or greyhound race. Inevitably, Tyson was always in the lead, trailing behind was Ansley and Salene, then Jax (poor little third wheel), and finally Lilah and Leecie. LOL!!!!

The weather was just perfect for racing horses kids, the kids bags were filled to the brim, and the company couldn't have been better. We headed back home around 7:30 pm and everyone hung out, in our home, until about 9 pm.

We captured the best pics we could even though the dark night and the kids in full speed were against us.