Monday, November 28, 2011

Park Fun With Daddy & Pretending to be Shannon Maggi!

It's hard to believe that Virginia is still sporting 70 degree weather. After the movies, we took the kids to Longwood Park. They had such a blast running around. Remember, they had MUCH ENERGY aka a sugar high. They were dressed up so cute, but by the time I got the camera out, they look like raga muffins.

I pretended to be a Shannon Maggi (a talented local photographer), but unfortunately, my talent doesn't even come close to hers. Ha ha. I tried. Lilah was really the ONLY one being cooperative anyway during the "photo session". She thinks she a model. LOL!!!!!

After Longwood Park, we went to "Mamma's Pizza" for dinner. The day was FILLED with all kinds of fun events.
Re-living the tough mudder experience. Showing off really!!!!
Our little "toddler and tiara"

One thing they really enjoyed was playing in the leaves. We don't have leaves in our yard. No trees = no leaves. I even let them throw the leaves on me. Funny thing is... at dinner, I was sitting next to a mirror, and I happened to glance over to see that I had two leaves stuck in my hair. It's NOT hard to hide things in my head of hair. Ha!
These two were wrestling a fallen tree. LOVE that look on Jax's face.

Lovin' on daddy's leg.