Monday, October 24, 2011

Tough Mudder 2011

After many, many, many weeks of grueling training, thanks to Aaron Fernandez, my hubby and his TOUGH team members' (Aaron, Andrew, Darren and Toph - - - the trained members) and (Jeremie and Jonathan - - - the non-trained members), were finally about to compete in the 2011 Tough Mudder Obstacle Course.
Lisa and I were super excited to go to the tough mudder event to cheer our husband's and their teammates on.
MUCH, MUCH, MUCH preparation took place on my part. I prepared my home for 5 children under the age of 6 to be cared for. I placed notes ALLLL over the house.
Directions for breakfast.
Laid out breakfast. Each kid's bowl, cereal, and spoon. ETC!!!!
Lunch directions.... just trying to make things easier on the babysitters THAT DIDN'T SHOW UP!
Lunch plates, napkins, cookies and movie selections to choose from.
I packed a cooler filled with all kinds of goodies for our tough mudder men. It began with Captain America napkins. I'd like to think my hubby is my Captain America.
The cooler had drinks, apples, cheese, nuts, beef jerkey, protein bars, salty chips, sweet chips, gum, advil, visine, baby wipes, garbage bags, paper plates, and napkins. Lisa was on par to provide a veggie tray and a cookie tray.
Signs were made, compliments of Ashely Harris. I chose what I wanted written on my sign (above), but Ashely has the BEST handwriting so we convinced her to make them for us.
Lisa chose what she wanted on her sign (above).

With MUCH disappointment and hurt, our babysitters NEVER SHOWED UP!!!!!!! I'll stop there because I've already repented of the SINFUL thoughts that occurred after that happened. Instead, I enjoyed a day with my children
The boys made their OWN memories and fun. Here they are painting their faces. I believe this was Aaron's idea.
Look at those TOUGH mudder men!!!!!!! Their team name was "We might not finish!!!!!!" BUT those crazy kids did. And we are so glad that they all arrived home in ONE piece. I think they are starting to feel the painful effects days later. I've heard some "war stories". Some details containing team members peeing on themselves because they didn't want to stop to use the bathroom, others had lethal gas, AND poor Aaron drove home in silence. All of them passed out on the way home from pure exhaustion until of course they reached Cracker Barrell where they ate dinner together. I won't be the one to embarrass those people by leaking the details. I'll let them spill the "juice" on who performed those nasty deeds.......PUN intended.
I have no clue what these pictures are of, but Darren captured them on his cell phone.
I spoke to some of the members of their team after the fact, and they said, "It was everything they imagined and MORE..."

Darren is totally on board to do this event again next year EVEN despite the torture of ice water pools, fire, buttered monkey bars, electrical fences, 90 degree uphill runs, barbed wire, mud, and MORE..................

At the end of each race, free "tough mudder" tattoos are given out, the men can chug a beer, and receive a mohawk. I think only ONE team member braved the mohawk. No one received a tattoo. I'm not sure about the beer!!!! Although, I have to admit, I think they deserved to have one after all of that.