Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Trip To The Lumber Department At Lowe's

So... how did I spend my Saturday, with the kids, when I was supposed to be witnessing my husband compete in a 10-mile obstacle course???? At Lowe's!!!!! The ONLY blessing in not being able to go to West Virginia with Darren was that I was already ready for the day (breakfast was prepared, I was showered and dressed, beds were made, the kids outfits were picked out, lunch was predestined, etc. . . .ALL before the kids even woke up ). Tyson even had plans to spend the day with his grandparents at the Virginia Tech game. So in the early a.m., I took the kids to Lowe's to partake in another wood working clinic. This was a REALLLLY cool wood craft. It was called the "Monster Truck" and it had a push light, acting as the monster's siren.

I built 3 of those trucks (after all, who could I have eliminated). One mother glanced over at me and said, "Did you build 3 of those trucks?" I said, "Yes! I am not sure I had any other choice." She said, "You truly deserve the mother of the year award." LOL! Each kit had about 15 nails, so just imagine what that was like with an impatient 6 year old and (2) 2.5 year olds.
At one point, Tyson hammered his fingers. To spare himself the humility, he held back the tears as best he could. He did smash them hard though.
I turned my head for a moment to help Ty and when I turned back to check on Jax, he had placed all the nails in the empty holes. Oh boy!!! Good thing he hadn't hammered anything yet.
Even our little princess touched the hammer a few times that day! She lost interest fast though. She likes to twirl like a ballerina, sing, dance, and apply make-up. Thank God for little girl FUN!!!

I just love that Lowe's offers this. The clinic is FREE!!!! And they sell these kits at Lowe's, to the public, normally. They aren't cheap (approximately $12.95 each) AND we got 4 of them that day.... FREE!
The finished product...ALL 3. The kids are still enjoying these trucks. Excuse these hideous pictures. They turned out pretty blurry. They were taken by my cell phone.