Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Carving FUN?!?!?!?!

Three weeks ago, I bought 3 pumpkins at the Fresh Market for $12.00. Why are those darn things so expensive???? Anyway, they sat and sat and sat. We have been going, going, going and the proper time to carve the pumpkins seemed to never exist. FINALLY, on Monday, I told the kids, "On Friday night, we are staying home and relaxing because daddy's Tough Mudder competition in EARLY Saturday morning. So let's use this family time to carve our pumpkins." The kids Ty were excited. So..... on Friday night, I told Ty "Go outside and start bringing in the pumpkins!" Ty went outside and returned saying, "There aren't any pumpkins outside!" I, annoyed, said, "Ty, you can't miss them. You have to open your eyes to see them." He went back outside and returned saying, AGAIN, "Mom, there are NO pumpkins outside." Darren then exclaimed, "They haven't been out there all week Kristin." WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!? I was LIVID. We searched around our home to see if the wind blew them around and they were no where to be found. I looked across the street in the vacant land and "ah ha!" I found them. Some butt head stole our pumpkins and smashed them across the street from our house. THE NERVE. I had to send Darren out to Kroger, with Ty, to pick out more pumpkins. We spent $36 in pumpkins this year. AAAAHHHH!

I had to take pictures of the smashed pumpkins. I could scream!!!!! It's so violating. Even if it is just pumpkins. I cannot imagine how someone feels when their home gets robbed.

Ty and Daddy think their pumpkin is going to be #1.
But Mommy, Lilah and Jax say, "No way! We are #1!"
Our family began "gutting" the pumpkins!
Jax was extremely reserved. He DOES NOT like to get dirty.
Oooops! "Sissy" accidentally got some "guts" on Jaxey.
He was NOT happy about it either. He is my reserved child for SURE!!!! It takes him a while to convince himself to try something new. This mess did NOT help convince him to join in on the "fun".
Darren and Ty chose a pirate skull pattern to carve onto their pumpkin.
While Lilah, Jax and I chose a tantalizing kitty cat.
Each of us had our OWN way of carving our masterpiece. My way included a pumpkin saw and a little bit of patience.
Darren's..... well, let's just say patience is not one of his juiciest "fruits". He chose to use a butter knife to punch out the pieces he was carving.
He was getting pretty serious when carving his pumpkin. On one knee, talking out loud to it. Etc.
We didn't realize how intense, time consuming, and detailed the task of pumpkin carving is. We were about 3-5 minutes in and we looked up to realize our children were NOT joining in on this "fun". Instead, they were creating their own fun by watching the movie Peter Pan.
Honestly, I don't blame them. It was hard for US to carve those pumpkins. Next year, we are buying the decorative pumpkin inserts or stickers . WE WILL NOT be carving pumpkins FOR THEIR SAKE. They could care less.

The end result...
A horribly MESSSY kitchen (especially the floor).
A pirate skull pumpkin (we had to add an eye patch and a bandana to cover the flaws). Maybe Darren should reconsider using a butter knife to pop out the pieces. :)
I think Darren did a great job.
And our tantalizing kitty cat!

Not bad huh?  Now, I hope after all that hard work, they don't get stolen again.