Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy 40th Tony!!!

YOU OLD GEEZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The surprise party was held on top of the mountains, at the Silver Hearth Lodge.
Before the guest of honor arrives, Lilah and Jax enjoy the swings. Check out the view.
The guests wait for Tony to arrive.
It's always an exciting feeling knowing that your about to shock/surprise someone.
Tony arrives blind folded.
Kelley takes off the blind fold and everyone yells, "SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
He was confused. He thought his wife was bringing him to a romantic venue to celebrate their anniversary. Boy was he SHOCKED and slightly disappointed ;)
He got a lil lovin anyway.
Erin Carroll made this cake, for Tony, at Kelley's request. We joke that Tony is really into himself, so what better to put on the cake than this?
It started to get chilly out.
Relaxing by the warm fire.
Lilah and "Dessi" enjoy the yard swing together.
Jill relaxes by the fire.
Gretchen couldn't resist and was the FIRST to roast a marshmallow.
"K-K" helps Lilah make a smores.
Roasting marshmallows.
Lisa and Kate roasting marshmallows.

Tyson, the dog, played with this HUGE stick for hours.
Jude takes being in the "country" to the next level.

At night, this place illuminated from the road.