Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tyson's FIRST Football Game

After 4 LOOOOONG weeks of grueling 3 days a week practices, Tyson's FIRST football game was last Tuesday. AND JUST AN FYI will be EVERY TUESDAY from here on out for 5 more weeks. Just a PLUG for anyone interested it joining us! The team did so good and the boys were really gung ho about tackling the members of the other team. Our little man was awarded the role as quarterback, so I was really nervous to watch as the plays unraveled. Gabe Shaffer scored the first touchdown of the year! GO Gabey!!!!!

I have to admit, FOOTBALL, is way more exciting to watch than BASEBALL. There's just something so incredibly cute about watching your 6 year old play a sport with full blown pads/uniform on.

It was next to impossible to capture the best shots. The bull dogs had the LARGEST fan base I could have ever imagined from our church. I think I counted well over 30 + visitors. Plus I had to deal with the twins going potty AND a few months back, I left my long distance camera lens at Greenhill Park. BOOOOO! Maybe my hubby will replace it at Christmas time.

We lost our first game 2 to 1, but these little boys played great considering it was their FIRST ever football game. I hope we cream the team this week :)