Saturday, September 3, 2011

Preschool Orientation!

On August 30th, Lilah and Jaxon had their preschool orientation. They will be going to preschool, at Bethel Baptist Church, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. This is where their BIG BROTHER started preschool and then eventually moved to First United Methodist Preschool. At orientation, the kids were introduced to their school teacher and got to visit the classroom that they will be spending most of their time in. They seemed to enjoy being there, but I am sure that's because mommy was right there by their side. The good news is, they already know two of their classmates, Cohen and Cyrus, so this should help make transition away from mommy easier.

I will miss them terribly, I REALLY WILL, but it will be a nice break to go to the grocery store without 3 kids etc......
Heading into preschool orientation. Mrs. Ashely could have seriously been a mom to triplets Look at her go!
Welcome to preschool!
Mrs. Amy (She used to be kindergarten teacher!)
Lilah and Jaxon are going to be "Leaping Lions".
Lilah builds with "Leggos"
"I did it mommy!"
Jax hammers and saws!
Cohen builds a BIG tower!

Cyrus working real intently!
I thought this was cute. They were all working at a table together.


  1. I hope they have a wonderful time!

  2. i know all of our kiddos will have such a great time there!!! thank you for posting this. i hate that i forgot my camera so thanks for letting me steal, aka borrow some of your pics :) love you.

  3. I love how serious my kid looks! And so cute to see them all working at the same table.


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