Monday, August 1, 2011

Souvenirs From Paradise - Part 1 - Ashely Harris

There are going to be 6 parts to this post -ALL posted on 6 different occasions. It's hard to believe my vacation in Paradise has left me still able to speak about it almost 2 months later. So... I've been home for almost 2 months and I have YET to give out the souvenirs to my "Sensational 6". I'm not really sure what I'm waiting for. The perfect MOMENT maybe? LOL! Why me?

I figured I'd take the opportunity and give each lady their souvenir individually. I'll snap a photo of them with it and make a post about them! It will give them a "shining moment"/ "15 minutes of fame" on my blog. I can BRAG about how important each of them are to me, how much they mean to me and how much I value my friendship with them. How often do we express that to those we love most?

I was able to give ONE souvenir away to date. It went to Ashely Harris. She's one of my "Sensational 6." The souvenir was picked with thought. Here, she is sporting ONE of the souvenirs I gave to her. The other souvenir is not something I plan to take a photo of because each of my "Sensational 6" gets one and I don't want to ruin the surprise for the others. Anyway, Ashely's souvenir is a hand woven fan, personalized with her name on it. Ashely is a FIGHTER of MS. She was just recently diagnosed with it. A person suffering with MS does NOT enjoy the heat, so when I saw this item, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to get for her. I searched the Bahamas Flea Market for over 30 minutes to find the perfect one. She got a chuckle when I presented it to her.
My Ashely: You are a woman with much, much, much stamina. You are one of the best examples of someone who stays upbeat, positive, and steadfast in your faith even though the Lord has brought challenges your way with your MS. You have endured this diagnoses with more grace than anyone I know could. Thank you for being such a great example and bearing MUCH fruit during a time that could potentially hinder your faith. When I think of you, you are a friend that would do anything for me. You are very kind, thoughtful, and extremely hospitable. I admire and love your goofiness and constant smiles. Your bubbly personality is contagious. You are always on the go! You strive to be an excellent mommy and wife. Your family is so lucky to have you. I love that we share a love of diet coke. Thank you for always thinking of me when you are heading my way, by picking me up a cold diet coke, "heavy on the ice". I am thankful that God has placed you in my life for so many reasons, but most of all, I am beyond grateful that our friendship is deeply routed by our common love for Christ. When God created you, I was also blessed with a gift that day. I LOVE YOU!

I hope you have enjoyed your fan!!!!