Thursday, August 4, 2011

Learning the Gospel

Don't ever underestimate how smart your child is, especially at the toddler stage. I've been working on teaching Lilah and Jaxon the gospel and they are able to recite all that I have taught them so far. Tyson knows the entire gospel, but on this particular day, I only had him recite what I had Lilah and Jax recite. Darren and I pray OFTEN that this head knowledge becomes heart knowledge one day. Until then we will continue teaching the complete gospel to them.

Enjoy their half learned version of the gospel, recorded on our last Myrtle Beach vacation. I am taking this in baby steps because I want them to get it right the FIRST time.

PS. My twins think it's fun to switch things up and swap car seats, so that's why my sweet SON is sitting in a pink/zebra covered seat and Lilah is in a blue/zebra covered seat.