Thursday, August 4, 2011

I found another...

"Growth Spurt" in Roanoke.

Today, while out with the twins, I treated myself to lunch at Chipolte. Lilah and Jax got a slice of pizza at Cici's Pizza... EWE. (No offense to anyone who likes that place but, I mean, they had pizza with macaroni and cheese on it. BARF! As if pizza isn't bad enough for you.). Anway, right next door to Chipolte I spotted another growth spurt in Roanoke. They are building a "SweetFrog". I literally JUST went there last weekend, in Richmond, with my brother and his family. There is no mention of when the store will actually open.

SweetFrog is one of the fastest growing brands of premium, all natural, self-serve yogurt restaurants. SweetFrog features a wide variety of flavors and toppings that allow customers to design their very own premium yogurt dessert based on their personal tastes and preferences.

Grab a cup size.
Pick a yogurt flavor.
But be careful.... they charge you by weight.
And fill your cup with your preference of toppings.

And there are well over 30+ toppings.