Friday, July 8, 2011

Trivia on a road trip!

On the way to Myrtle Beach over the 4th, I got in the back and spent some time quizzing the kids on things. It kept their minds active and occupied, not to mention free from electronics. Ugh... how I loath electronics even though they are the greatest and cheapest form of babysitters I know.

For each question they got right, they got a quarter. Some of the questions were a little harder than the next, but they earned a decent amount of money. Now Ty wants to play this game all the time. Yeah, easy for him to say. I am the one dishing out the money.

Ty earned $1.50
Lilah earned .85 cents
Jax earned $1.25

An example of a question I asked Tyson: Name the 3 states that each of your grandparents live in. He answered, "Florida, Virginia, and Raleigh." LOL! Close enough.

An example of a question I asked Lilah: When we go to the park, what is the name of the item we go up and down on? She answered, "Swide!" Yea!!!!!

An example of a question we asked Jax: well, VIEW the VIDEO instead for the full effect. It's not a Godly question, by any means, but it's something he needs to know. He's laughing so much, it's hard to understand. So view it and then read below.

Mommy: "Boys have a...?"
Jax: "Ding-Ding!!!!!"
Mommy: "Girls have a ...?"
Jax: "GINA!"

PS. YES my BOY is sitting in a PINK car seat. Sometimes the twins think it's funny to swap seats. They laugh for about 5 minutes. Children's laughter is the BEST.