Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Trip To Paradise - Day 4

Day 4 of our trip was very bitter sweet as you can imagine. We were really, really, really, REALLY enjoying our time together in the Bahamas. The quality time, the special times, the laughter, the relaxation, the uninterrupted sleep, EVERYTHING was just something we not only really NEEDED (afer 6 years of only 1 other trip ALONE), but also APPRECIATED immensely BUT on the flip side, we had never been away from our children for that many days, so we were anxious to greet them.

On Sunday morning we headed to breakfast and then stood in line to pick our water excursion. It was pretty crazy to wait until the day of our excursion to book it. We were lucky honestly that the excursion we had planned on doing this entire time was available. We chose SNUBA diving. Not SCUBA, but SNUBA.

As described by the Atlantis website, snuba defined is....

"For resort guests who aren’t quite ready for scuba but nevertheless eager to dive beneath crystal blue waves off Paradise Island; Snuba offers the opportunity to experience the undersea marine life, without being scuba certified. Learning is easy—Snuba is perfect for vacationers who enjoy the freedom and simplicity of snorkeling but would like to experience the wonders of breathing underwater."

We weren't sure what to expect, but were really excited. We chose this excursion because we didn't want to waste our precious vacation time (4 hours) getting certified for scuba diving, otherwise, that would have been what we chose.

The entire experience was really amazing. It was so beautiful under water. We were fully submerged 15 feet under and saw all kinds of gorgeous fish as well as a sting ray. I was so focused on taking pictures and learning the process of breathing underwater that I failed to really value the fact that I was supposed to be searching for marine life. On the way back to our resort, via boat, we were able to see Eddy Murphy's island that he bought and owns, Oprah Winphrey's home, and a bunch of cruise ships. The entire experience lasted about 5 hours.

Upon arriving back to our resort, we hung out, relaxed, and got ready for dinner. We chose to eat at Casa D'Angelos again because we both really love Italian food and it was our favorite restaurant there. We were serenaded by the restaurant staff as they sang, "Happy Anniversary to you, Happy Anniversary to you, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary to you, WHOOT WHOOT!" It was a real HOOT!" Also, this was the restaurant 10 years ago we ran Rob Lowe and snapped a photo with him. So, we thought MAYBE we'd see someone NEW and FAMOUS that night, but it didn't happen. We were the only celebrities there, lol!! NOT! I'm grateful to be a no name.
I do have pictures of day 5 and then... that's it!!!! ENJOY the photos of day 4 below.