Monday, July 11, 2011

The Bolling Bunch!

"There's a story, of man named Darren, he was living with three kids of his own....." Okay, so our song wouldn't really go like this, but this week we do feel like the Brady bunch! My father and step-mom are moving from their home in Raleigh to a different home. I offered the only HELP I knew how and offered to keep my two little sisters as well as their 10 year old cousin from New York. Currently, I have 6 kids under the age of 10 to care for and tend to for a minimum of 3 days/ maximum of 5 days. Their ages are... (3) 2 year olds, (1) 4 year old, (1) 6 year old, and (1) 10 year old (Gianna). Surprisingly and in an eerie way, things were beyond smooth today. Here's a sneak peak into our day!

Our agenda is rather intense as this week Tyson is signed up for 2 camps with a potential to go to three.

8:45 pm Leave for Sports Camp at West Salem Baptist Church - Gianna is also attending it and loves it.
11:45 pm Head home for lunch.
12:30 pm Head to the Greenridge Recreation Center for "Extreme Recess Camp"
5:30 pm Ty returns home.
5:30 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Baths for the three littlest ones
8:00 pm Bed for the three littlest ones
8:0oo pm Baths for the three older ones
9:00 pm Bed for Ty and Salene
Gianna just stays up with me at night.

I a BEYOND thankful for Dana Reed, Lauree Brown, and Jenny Murphy for all of their help with transportation so I do not have to drag 6 kids out all day long. Thanks to them, I am able to spend some quality time with the younger ones. Today we played outside until 11:30 pm. The kids napped from 1:00 pm - 3:45 pm. We also did the pool later in the evening.

All 5 kids took a nap in the same room. I'm still not sure how I managed to pull that one off successfully. You can barely see Jax, but I took a video clip of it because I was so astonished. Keeping my fingers crossed that this happens everyday. It allowed me to get my dishwasher unloaded and my laundry caught up.

At dinner, we played "thorn and rose". We asked the kids what their thorn and their rose were for the day. Gianna was really the only one who answered. She stated, "My rose was going to Sports Camp, my thorn was when we got locked out of the house." I took the kids for a wagon ride at 3:45 pm (100 degree weather) and we got locked out. UGH. Poor Darren had to come home from work early to let us in.

Also, here's a little taste of life with "triplets" instead of twins. This was taken after BATH time.
I love their little hineys.