Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lilah and Jax Go To Their FIRST REAL Movie At A Theatre

Liley and Jax went to their very FIRST movie at a real movie theatre today. Every summer we look forward to the $1.00 movies that they offer at 10 am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Today, they offered Despicable Me and How to Train a Dragon. I let Ty choose the movie selection and he chose Despicable Me.

The morning was VERY smooth sailing. As soon as the kids woke up, they immediately went into the bath. I spoke to them about going to the movies. They seemed to understand. After we got ready, I handed each child a "snack" zipblock bag and let them fill it with their very own candy. I also brought red and white plastic popcorn containers, juice boxes, and yogurt sticks. I wanted to have ENOUGH snacks there so that the twins would last through the entire movie.

Our movie theatre.

Lilah and Jax were so excited they could hardly stand it. Ty was either thinking, "Mom, please, your embarrassing me!" Or "What's so cool about going to the movies?"

I LOVE LILAH'S FACE here. It's filled with so much enthusiasm.
I bought ONE LARGE tub of popcorn for $8.00 and allowed all of our friends to share it. We refilled it ONCE, amongst 6 kids, not bad. I even brought our friends their very own plastic popcorn buckets too.
With their candy bag and "baby" in hand, they sat still as the movie began.
"Hi Mom!"
When Lilah grew tired of the movie, she entertained herself by playing with "baby John".
Lilah and Ansley sat on Mrs. Jody's lap together towards the end of the movie.
Lilah peaks through two chairs in front of her to watch the movie. Look at the death grip she has on that sucker.
Who's this little dude? Well, it's BRO-BRO at his VERY FIRST THEATRE MOVIE. He's so cute. I now KNOW for SURE that Jax and Lilah are the same exact age as Ty when he attended his first movie because Jax is able to wear that exact same outfit that Ty is wearing in this photo.
Tyson ate popcorn too while watching the movie.

AND he also stood up to watch some of the movie, just like SISSY did today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tyson's first movie was Rugrats the Movie. When Ty went to the movies, they offered the movie for $1.00, a drink for $1.00, and popcorn for $1.00. As you can see from above, times have changes.

SO, the $1.00 movie turned into a $15.00 outing.

Mommy's ticket...$1.00
Tyson's ticket... $1.00
Popcorn... $8.00
Sm Diet Coke... $4.50

Good thing Lilah and Jax were free and I didn't buy candy there. GEEEEZ!!!! We made a HUGE mess with the popcorn. Better there than my house. We had the Williams' and the Shelor's join us. It was fun! Lilah and Jax sat through most of the movie, but had to get up occasionally.

Cute movie, good times, yummy snacks!!! See you there next wednesday at 10 am?????

Two small side notes: I think the mommies used this time to get caught up on all of their emails and text messages. There were quite a bit of "lightening bugs" around. :)

I took Ansley to the bathroom during the movie. I noticed some urinals in the bathroom, from my reflection in the mirror. I thought, "Wow, how nice of the movie theatre to give little boys urinals for when their mommy takes them to the potty." Ugh no.... I accidentally took Ansley to the men's bathroom. AAAHHHH! My pupils weren't dilating properly. He he. Sorry Brett. I don't think she saw anything.