Friday, May 27, 2011

Water Balloon FIGHT

Today Tyson had off from school. He has been begging me to use his water balloon 3-in-1 pumper system that we bought weeks ago. It's a really need contraption that we purchased at at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Check it out....

It's the EASIEST way to fill up balloons with water.

Anyway, it was a tad gloomy outside, but Tyson convinced me that it would still be fun. So I agreed AND of course I had to snap away. Enjoy!!!!
These were really fun to take pictures of. So colorful.
Papa bowl, Momma bowl, baby bowl.
I had each kid stand/sit by their bowl.
And the fight begins.....
It was mostly between Tyson and Jax.
Jax took it like a man, but Lilah didn't care for it at all.
Jax was determined to get his brother back though.
"I don't get mad, I get even!"
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo.
Tyson had three balloons left. He was happy to share two with his siblings.
Not sure WHY or HOW he comes up with these ideas, BUT Tyson thought it would be hysterical to put the last two balloons in his pants.
And then he asked Lilah and Jax to punch his pants.
They weren't successful at popping them, so he tried to do it.
After the fight, they cooled off by eating popsicles.

3's company!
Then I put the sprinkler out.
Tyson tackles JAX. You can already see, from Jax's face, what's about to happen next. Yup... tears.

I'm really itching to have a family water balloon and kickball fight on MONDAY (for Memorial Day). I am thinking of telling EACH FAMILY to bring 100 filled water balloons and 2 side dishes. I first need approval from Darren. We shall see. If not this weekend, then definitely ONE TIME this summer.