Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ty's School Spring Picture

Ah, the Ty Guy! There's so many things I could say about him. I want to try and be as uplifting and encouraging as I can in this post. I fail often at pointing out his flaws and half of the time I wonder if it's just me not willing to accept that 3/4 of his behavior is due to his gender.

Here it goes....

Age: 6

Weight: 53 pounds

Activities: Tyson is playing baseball for the "Hot Rods". Right now his team is undefeated. You go Hot Rods! He loves his DS-I, Wii, and Playstation game systems. Enjoys having playdates. Looks forward to going to Church on Wednesdays and Sundays.

His first crush (since he was 4): Cami Shaffer. And trust me, he only has eyes for her.

Schedule: M-F alarm goes off at 5:50 am. Bus arrives at 7:14 am. School from 8:05 am - 2:05 pm. Arrives home at 2:24 pm. Family time between 2:25 pm - 5:00 pm. Dinner 5:15 pm. Baseball, Church or MORE family time until 7:00 pm. Bath 7:00 pm. Prayers and Lights out 7:30 pm.

School: Tyson is very obedient in school. He has taken over 6 math tests this year and has scored a perfect score on each of them. He rides the school bus to and from school.

Personality: My new favorite way to describe him... INTENSE! Thanks Nick Shaffer for that one. He's rambunctious as ever, stubborn, strong willed, moody, handsome, SMART, athletic, and ROUGH. He rarely shows a lovey side, but when he does I am certain to grab hold of it. DARING.

Behavior: Good for ALL but mommy and daddy :)

Shoes Size: 12

Clothing Size: 6 or 7

Miscellaneous: Sleeps with his brother every night. Loves MOVIES. Gets shy or embarrassed easily. Still poops "commando". Wants to be a "Ninja" when he grows up. Is crazy about going to Chuck E. Cheese. He cannot resist the opportunity to get his brother and sister up from nap. It's also difficult to resist torturing them. Hangs out with Haden Smith almost EVERY SINGLE Sunday. Isn't afraid of anything that I know of. I love that he still let's me dress him/pick out his clothes.

His favorite person: HMMMM! I'd say his daddy, but I'll ask him tomorrow and repost if I am wrong.

His favorite junkie/sweet treats: Pringles and Vanilla Oreos.

His favorite show/movies: 3 Ninjas, Chronicles of Narnia (any of them), Home Alone, and Dino Dan.

My wish for him: It is my wish that he begins to recognize more clearly his need for a Savior and how important true obedience is.

One thing I wish he would change: His moodiness.

Some of his closest friends are Gabe Shaffer, James Shelor, Haden Smith, and Josh Prillaman

Dislikes: Being told no, talking on the phone, and wearing shoes outside.

Cannot grasp the concept of eating over his plate and being gentle with his brother and sister.

I'm sure I could go on and on. This is a small gist of my first born BABY!