Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Surprise Guests At Ty's Baseball Game

It's been a looooong week. Darren's sweet grandmother passed away on Sunday and we have been so busy with the wake and the funeral. Fortunately, baseball has been keeping our minds and our bodies busy since those two events. Tyson has (2) games this week. I think Grandad and Grandnee needed a distractor from the loss, so they surprised us by coming to Tyson's baseball game. Lilah and Jax wasted no time getting comfortable with them. They stuck to Grandad and Grandnee like glue. Tyson was thrilled to show off his baseball skills. The "Hot Rods" have been undefeated all season, but supposedly this game they tied.

Grandad and Grandnee, we really enjoyed your company. We pray that you surprise us more often. You are NOT intruding on us. We enjoy your visits and the kids will cherish these memories for years to come.
Lilah was really having fun with her grandparents.
Grandnee getting some "sugar" from Lilah.
"Bro-bro, Grandad and Grandnee are here. You have to make a home run for them!" said Jax. Jax was too busy running around to sit on laps or give out some sugar.
"Good game Ty!" Said Grandad.

"I love you!" Said Grandnee.