Friday, May 20, 2011

1 Day AND Counting Until Miss Graham Becomes Mrs. Belcher

Last night Kaitlyn and I got a manicure and pedicure before the big day. It was rather surreal. It seems like 3 years ago I learned she was engaged. When I think about Kaitlyn, I smile from ear to ear. She is a rare find. She's mature and not the in the sense the world thinks of as mature. She's responsible, dependable, reliable, sweet, and helpful (just to name a few of her great chracteristics). I'd say the hardest part about being friends with her is the fact that she is so quiet. Obviously, I AM NOT. I'm a blabber. I do not like uncomfortable silence. In trying to get to know her, I have been forced with being the talker, but now that she is comfortable around me, she's grown so much in that way. Our relationship started out as a working relationship, but flourished into a beautiful friendship.

Witnessing her courtship and engagement with Shawn has been remarkable. She has stood firm in her faith with minimal temptation, keeping CHRIST her focus. I hope and pray that 18 years from now, I am reliving this scenario with Lilah. I pray Lilah's focus is Christ and that her love for a man remains wholesome and pure until the day of her wedding, just like Kaitlyn. Just recently, in a conversation with a friend, she said, "It's pretty unrealistic to save yourself until marriage." At first, I cringed hearing that because I know and have witnessed how UNTRUE that is, but then I realized, she was right. It is unrealistic for anyone to save themselves until marriage WITHOUT Christ. There is no ability to comprehend how to live a life striving for excellence and righteousness in the Lord, apart from the world, WITHOUT Christ. With Christ, ALL things are possible, even saving yourself for ONE MAN! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Kaitlyn, I cannot WAIT until tomorrow. I am so privileged to be your Matron of Honor AND I cannot wait to see how beautiful you will be as a bride. LOVE YA!
Kaitlyn and I got gel polish put on our hands. Not gel tips, but gel polish. It's the newest craze and I love it!!! Fairly expensive, but you get the long lasting manicure without the fake nails placed on your real nails.
Getting ready for the BIG day!!!!

Every lady should make her feet pretty for her husband.

"Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. "~Genesis 2:24