Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gram Sends Birthday Wishes In A Box!

Gram tries so hard to make up for lost time spent together via snail mail packages. The kids LOVE going to the mailbox because it seems like at least once a week there is something there waiting for them. Sometimes it's something BIG, like the latest and greatest package that arrived, a gigantic hot pink Easter bunny AND sometimes it's something small. Like the old saying goes though, "BIG things come in small packages!"

Lilah and Jaxon received a package, in the mail, for their birthday, from Gram. See the pictures below.
The package arrives. Tyson found it, but realized it wasn't for him. He was handling it fairly well. He knew it was their birthday.
A match box car for Jax.
Lilah seemed to be enjoying the envelopes a ton. :) Jax found a duckie! This photo makes me a tad sad to see Tyson sitting behind them observing what they got. It's tough being an older sibling to twins. You constantly feel like the third wheel I am sure.
A gold bangle. I think I love it more than she does!
She was a little upset that she cannot easily take it on and off. I was thrilled because she has lost two baby bracelets since she's been born because she has such a tiny wrist.

Jax LOVED the wind up duck!!!! Lilah was terrified of it.
He followed it around everywhere, while Lilah ran away from it, trembling in fear.
Princess gloves!
Here she was saying, "So pretty!"
The wind up ducks.

This is something my mom does often... she re-gifts my sister Whitney's old toys. I love this because it has a ton of sentiment behind it. I appreciate it even more than they do. I believe these are figurines from different movies, such as "Pocahontas" and "The Lion King."

Thank you Gram for always considering your grandchildren. They speak of you often, even Lilah whom you've only been able to meet twice. It's amazing how much they just know who their grandparents are whether or not they are overly prevalent in their lives. In your case, it's just proximity and we know that. You're love is shown through your phone calls and packages.