Sunday, April 10, 2011

Family Love & Funnies!

After the twins party, we spent about 2.5 hours cleaning up while Lilah and Jaxon napped. When they woke up, we fed them a meal and allowed them to open their birthday gifts. Rest and relaxation were calling my name so that's how we spent the rest of the night. It was so wonderful to sit and be lazy and enjoy our living room furniture with our children. That may sound weird to many, but in this household, we rarely sit in our living room. Darren and I are such ambitious, on the go people. We never sit still until it's time for bed.

Being that sitting in our living room and using our furniture is a rare occurrence, it was definitely something worth capturing. I hope and pray we can settle down a bit more and have many more nights like these. I think our children were filled with joy that mommy and daddy were relaxing and being playful.
I could squeeze her to death.
Jax was getting jealous and hopped on board for some love too.
While our "gamer" son ignored the fun for his own type of fun.
Her smile is so mesmerizing.
Jax LOVES to throw his pacifier. Don't ask me why. When he threw it at Darren, Darren threw it back.
It became a hysterical game between the two of them and I was able to capture the pacifier in mid-air as it landed on his face.
Here, Jax threw it on daddy. He didn't have as good of an aim.
Then the birthday boy and girl began wrestling.
Lilah was pounding Jax. She's a tough cookie.
Jax loved every second of it.