Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt at the Salem Library!!!

Yesterday, I took Lilah and Jaxon to their normal Tuesday Library class, only this time, something a little extra special was planned. Each child was to come to class with 12 pre-stuffed plastic eggs and their Easter basket. While class took place, a few of the library employees hid all of the eggs. Then it was time for some fun!!! An Easter egg hunt. This was the FIRST time Lilah and Jaxon ever participated in an egg hunt, but it took NO time for them to catch on. Lilah and Jaxon didn't find the promised 12. Lilah had found a ton (9 maybe) but when she bent over to grab another, all of her eggs fell out and that apparently was open game for the other kids to grab them. LOL! It didn't matter to me. The kids knew no difference if they had 12 eggs or 5 eggs. They were just thrilled to be eating the chocolate that is never offered in our home since brother doesn't like it.