Thursday, April 14, 2011

Caleb Comes To Play

On Tuesday Caleb came to our house to "play" while Ashely took Cohen to the doctor. Lilah is in LOVE with all babies, but Caleb especially. On this day, I had 5 children under the age of 6 in our home. At one point, I was changing a poopie diaper, my dinner was boiling over, Tyson fell off his bike and scraped his arm pretty bad, the ball rolled into the street, and Lilah and Jaxon were screaming for me to "hold you". I enjoyed Caleb's visit immensely and look forward to the NEXT time I get to watch him, but it was a reminder to me that 3 children are MORE than enough!
Caleb joined Lilah and Jax for their snack time.
Then Lilah fed Caleb his "snack"
I think Lilah would make a great BIG sister. Well, she is actually a BIG sister to Jax, but that is not the type of BIG sister I'm speaking of. Here, she enjoyed loving on Caleb.

Lilah and Jax went to the basement for a few minutes. I was so glad that they left me to cook dinner and watch Caleb, so I shut the door. On their way up the stairs, they realized that I had shut the door and that I was alone with Caleb. I sensed a little jealousy here.