Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Double Trouble!

I am not a lover of the phrase, "double trouble". I was, until I had twins of my own. I like to say, "twice as nice." BUT, this story warrants the phrase to be used.

Two weeks ago, Gretchen and I took a short road trip to Christiansburg. We wanted to visit the GAP Outlet and a few other stores in the area. As we arrived at the mall, we unloaded the car, put the twins in the stroller, and proceeded to head towards Dick's Sporting Goods. Gretchen was kind enough to show me what I will need for Tyson who is starting T-ball in April. Lilah and Jaxon were in their stroller, unbuckled, unbeknownst to me, and all of the sudden, stood up, turned around, and the stroller got top heavy and BAM!!!!! CRASH!!!!!!! TWO SCREAMING BABIES, BLOOD EVERYWHERE, and my Starbucks iced tea all over the place.

I ran to rescue them in desperation, as did Gretchen. "Who do I go to first?" "Who do I help?" They were BOTH crying, screaming more like it. They were BOTH bleeding. They were BOTH suffering. It was awful. Blood all over my clothes, their clothes, Gretchen's clothes and to think it was JUST the first store. What a terrible way to start our lil trip.

I couldn't bring myself to ask Gretchen if we could leave. I knew she had an agenda and I didn't want to ruin that for her. I had to purchase a new outfit to wear, Jax fell asleep after 30 FULL BLOWN minutes of crying. I know he cries A LOT, but this was different. This was a "I'm in pain" cry. Jax got it the worst. So bad, that that night, we went to a party, Darren was holding Jax and a friend, Jonathan Murphy, said, "Hey Darren!" Darren replied, "Hey Jonathan!" Jonathan asked, "Who is this you're holding?" Jax was definitely disheveled. Gretchen and I both agreed he looked like a rhinoceros. Poor thing. Lilah's nose appeared to have gotten the WORST damage. Her forehead, chin, and mouth were sparred.

The photos you see were taken about 24 hours after the incident. It's amazing how resilient children really are. Bruising around their nose is still a little present. Just in time for Lilah to fall again today and bust her lip and her nose (again... blood everywhere).

When it happens to one, it usually happens to BOTH. So I anticipate a fall sometime today from Jax.

Jax drooled for 3 straight days. I guess he couldn't swallow properly. He had NO PROBLEM taking his passie however. AND certainly wasn't fearful to try to get hurt again. These photos were taken while he was jumping off of the couch onto the couch cushions. AHHHH! These kids are going to give me a heart attack.