Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I attempted and tried...

So, there are some things I DO NOT do around this house and one of them is taking the trash out. I'm sorry, but to me, that task is a man's job. Darren always jokes and says, "You love to pile the trash sky high, but you never take it out. Maybe if you took it out once in a while, you wouldn't pile it so high." The other night I attempted and tried to take the trash out for my hubby. After all, he truly is the ONLY one who does that chore around the house.

He saw me doing it and said, "Woah, this a photo moment. I'm definitely blogging about this one." He ran to grab the camera and in the midst of it, I tried to hurry up and take the trash out before he could snap away. From rushing around, I accidentally slammed the empty trash canister on my foot. Man did that hurt!!!!!

Darren's reply, "Your attempt failed!" At least I tried, okay?