Thursday, February 3, 2011

Babysitter Gone Wild!

On Wednesday, Mattie arrived to watch the twins with a plan in mind. We had discussed her ideas the night before and I was obliged to make it happen. I'm thankful that Mattie has the knowledge (through her child development classes she is taking) and the enthusiasm to try out these ideas. She receives these ideas from her professor in the form of "lesson plans".

First up, bath foam. Mattie purchased this foam from Wal-mart. She laid the "splat mat" down first. Then layered aluminum foil over the splat mat. She allowed Lilah and Jax to finger paint the aluminum foil with the foam.

Lilah is a hoot. She is all about getting down and dirty. She rubbed it all over herself. And unfortunately, when she had no where else to rub it, she started rubbing it all over the house. Mattie captured some great shots of the fun they had as well as the mess that was made. Everyone who knows me well enough, knows that I would probably be having a heart attack if I did this project with the twins.

After the mess was made, Mattie took them up for a bath and to another fun surprise... bathtub markers.

Mattie, your BRAVE! AND SUCH A FUN babysitter. Lilah and Jax will miss you once the summer arrives.