Sunday, February 6, 2011

All Aboard the Choo-Choo Train!

At Cohen's choo-choo party, we received some adorable party favors. The cutest ones were the conductor hat and scarf. The boys received a red scarf and the girls received a pink one. Yesterday, we were up in Lilah and Jaxon's room just playing around and they actually allowed me to dress them up using the goodie bag items. Jax actually refused to let me take his off for quite some time. He's obsessed with trains and ANYTHING to do with them (I guess that means the conductor's attire too!).
Ashely and Cohen, thank you for these precious items. I've started collecting dress up items for each of them, so one day, when they are old enough to pretend, they can go up to their room and play dress up together. I'm glad Jax will have something other than super hero attire to pretend with OR worse princess dress up (Lord knows he loves to copy "sissy"). At Christmas, I bought Jax the doctor dress up outfit and Lilah the nurse dress up outfit. It's from Melissa & Doug and a each set comes with doctor/nurse tools.
Lilah has been under the weather lately with a cold, so this is why she looks pitiful and unsmiley.