Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Wedding Dress HAS BEEN Picked Out!

BUT NO, the photo below is NOT "the" dress. For those of you who think I am that dumb, don't underestimate my intelligence. LOL!
Two Mondays ago, I had the honor of going wedding dress shopping with Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn's mom, Shawn's mom, and Mattie. We visited both Amhrein's Brides and Formals and Brides House, where Kaitlyn tried on approximately 8 dresses. This dress was one of her "reject" dresses, but it was in the runner's up. I have a picture of the front of the dress, but I don't want Shawn to see her up close and personal in ANY wedding dress. He needs to wait for the actual wedding day for that. On this day, Kaitlyn decided on a dress. It was actually the very first dress she tried on, in the very first store she shopped in. She is going to be a gorgeous bride AND Shawn is going to be one lucky man! Their courting and engagement period is built on the solid foundation of Christ. It has been a much anticipated wedding and now the details are coming together making this so surreal. Their relationship is everything I wish many young adults could be a witness to. Finally, Kaitlyn has blessed me with the title of being her Matron of Honor, so be on the look out for many more exciting updates to come!