Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Silent Night

Since the day Lilah and Jaxon entered the world, Tyson loved them. LATELY, however, he has an increasingly intense love and sense of protection for them (unless it affects him in an undesirable fashion). It's beautiful to witness. Tyson has been requesting, a lot, to sleep in the twins room. Often times, he sleeps on the window seat mattress. It's actually pretty cozy, BUT this particular night, Ty wanted to be even closer to his little brother and asked to sleep in the his crib with him. It was a tight squeeze, but they both made it through the night without making a peep.These are the times I am forever grateful that God knew better than I did and gave me more than one child, AND not just two children, but three. Being a mommy of three is not always easy, but I do cherish the fantastic moments spotted in these photos. These moments allow all those difficult times to dissipate. Until they wake up..... LOL! Just teasing.
It is my prayer that all of my children stay as close as they are today and that their love for each other is not just based on the bloodline they share, but also the brotherly love, the love shared in Christ Jesus Our Lord and Savior. For anyone who struggles with the idea of whether or not to have another child, don't hesitate, you will never regret it.