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I entered into the blogging world over 6 years ago.  I had no idea what joy blogging would bring to my life.  Having a blog is the perfect way to document your children's lives as well as your own life.  It's simple and fun.  I cherish looking back at posts, from years ago, and reminiscing on life "back then".  You'd be surprised at how much you forget and so quickly.  I enjoy blogging about our current lives too. My hope is to print these blogs into books for my children (soon).  

Blogging is also an amazing way to learn how to cook, craft, do home improvements and teach your children things. Depending on the blogger, the details could be very simple or extremely specific.  I also love the blogs that feed my soul.  Of course, the word of God is all sufficient, but there are so many amazing blogs out there with daily devotionals or posts filled with encouragement.  As long as these do not trump your study time, it's a great daily refresher.  

Don't be intimidated to start your own blog.  You can keep it private or step out of your shell and go public with it.  You'd be surprised at how quickly you catch on and look forward to writing a "book" of your own, not to mention, your friends and family will enjoy keeping up with your daily life! 
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