Monday, September 16, 2019

Free Vs. Ownership

Last week, I had an all day, 9 hours straight, work day. I worked my business every waking hour my children were gone from my home. ALL DAY, I knew what I wanted to share with my followers on social media, but I didn’t have time to collect my thoughts and generate a post. It started with a 7:45 am skincare appointment with Amy Crawley. I immediately came home and started packaging up 12 shipments. Yes 12 🤯!!!! I paused packaging shipments to make a delivery to Shannon Waddell. Our meeting spot is always Starbucks. In between all of the above, my phone was blowing up from orders rolling in by Pat BrownTabitha WoodardEmily LiberiLori Brown, and Emily Appleby, just to name a few! I felt on top of the world that day, as a LipBoss. I felt so amazing knowing that my customers love our products enough and trust and appreciate my role as their LipBoss enough to give me their business.
You see, on that day, I was swamped. I worked my business, NON stop for 9 straight hours, and I WAS OVER THE MOON ELATED. Who goes to work and is overjoyed because they’re swamped? ME! I do!!! I “OWN” this business. I take great PRIDE in working it. I paid to be a part of this company. I paid $55.00 and each year, for the rest of my life, I will pay $55.00. And it’s so worth it!


There are ladies who do NOT have to pay to be a part of this business. Those ladies sign up when the company offers FREE sign ups. And their ownership, from my experience, isn’t present. It can be present and it should be present, but I sorta equate it to when a parent buys their child a brand new pair of shoes vs. when the child pays for a brand new pair of shoes, with their own money. When the parent pays for the shoes, the “ownership” of those shoes is not as important as when the child paid for their own shoes. When you pay for something, you have more of a moral obligation to care for it. Tend to it. Love it. Etc. If it’s given to you... again, it’s been my experience that you can and will take it or leave it. Either way, it doesn’t matter. 

So, if you’ve read this far, maybe you are interested in hearing the FREE part. This month, SeneGence is offering anyone, 18 or older, to sign up to be a LipSense Distributor for FREE. That’s right. You can own your own business and have this fun, girly, side hustle for FREE. WHAT??!!?? This always blows my mind. Our CEO is offering a piece of her company, TO YOU, for FREE. 

I hesitate BIG time sharing this news because I want ladies ON my team who OWN this business FULLY. I WANT ladies who are ALL IN OR ALL OUT. Don’t sign up just for the discount!! The discount is nice, but it’s just not significant enough unless you’re ordering in bulk. It’s easier to just order from me. Yes, you are paying full price when you buy from me, but signing up for the discount is only beneficial if you buy in bulk. 

If you take advantage of this FREE SIGN UP, plan to work this business. Work it with all your might. It’s flexible. It’s fun. It’s so worth it. And in the end, you will NEVER look back. YOU will NEVER REGRET IT. You will only move forward IF YOU WORK IT. You will reap benefits, joy, friendships, discounts, gifts, jewelry, trips, crowns etc. The possibilities are TRULY endless. You will wish you would have done this a lot sooner. 

If you sign up... OWN IT. This FREE SIGN UP is a gift and an opportunity, so please don’t poo poo on it. Be appreciative. OWN IT. WORK IT. LOVE IT. Dreams ONLY WORK if you do! No excuses ONLY equal results. You get what you work for. NOT what you wish for!

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