Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Life Is Art, Life Yours In Color!

On Day 9, the elves arrives with a a message that read, "Life is ART, live yours in color!" What exactly were they trying to say? Maybe we would find out more on the scavenger hunt.  If you want to use our art sign, click here.  
The first clue was found in a shoe! The clue lead the twins FIRST to their daddy's closet, but after NOT finding anything... they knew the next best spot would be in the garage. Bingo!
The second clue was found on the Christmas tree.
The third clue was found in our bookcases, where the kids keep their crafts.
The fourth clue was found under the kitchen sink.
The fifth clue was located in our coat closet!
The sixth clue was located in our pantry!
The final clue (not quite 9 clues, like originally stated and the kids not only caught on, but were bummed. They were having fun!) was in Jax's sock drawer were they were gift all new coloring supplies: Sharpies & Metallic Markers.
If you would like to create a similar elf scene, I'd be happy to email you these scavenger hunt clues. 
Did you notice earlier that along with the message the elves also left my kiddos a gorgeous tablecloth to color?
My kids were REALLY in desperate need for some NEW color supplies.  Jax, especially, loves to color. He's a great little artist.  Lilah thought the elves only meant for these new supplies to be Jax's, since they were in Jax's drawers (sigh, I can't win) so stay tuned... eventually, I had to design an elf scene around her!
My twins wasted no time letting their creative juices flow.
 I did go "LIVE" during this entire scavenger hunt, but I guess sadly... I didn't save it.  BOO! So, I guess you'll just have to use your imagination and imagine them running all through out the house at ungodly speeds to find each clue.  

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