Saturday, September 8, 2018

I Franken Love YOU!

I am quite "frankly" obsessed with putting smiles on my kids' faces when they open their lunch boxes or snack bags.  When I spotted this darling, Halloween faced, bubble tape gum, I couldn't resist buying them. I decided to add a little Halloween love/humor by creating a tag to attach. Click here, "I Franken Love YOU!", to print your own.  
The twins received the mummies and Ty received the frankenstein . I didn't want him to be embarrassed so that's why his catch phrase is a little more adult-like.  I loathe the work freakin, but felt, this on the whim phrase that I came up with, fit the occasion and the message I was trying to drive home was that "I love you!"  I think doing these sorts of things shows.  Click here, "Your Mummy Loves YOU!", to print this tag.  
When you print these tags that I am offering, you will have to cut around the circle or you can use a circle cutter, that's what I did. The tags themselves are not proportionately sized. I was in a HUGE rush.  So... I hope you don't judge the quality and just appreciate the free gift.  LOL!

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