Sunday, July 1, 2018

Father's Day ~ 2018

On Father's Day, I am always honored to celebrate a man that fully deserves to be called dad/father.  Being a father is a selfless act.  It's laying down your selfless desires to put your children first.  Darren is that father. He is such a hard-worker. His integrity is matchless.  He is a wonderful husband, father, and coach! He's our hero! I LOVED the photos above, captured by Carissa Divant, with By His Grace Studios. They were the perfect way to express this man's heart for his children.  
In the morning, I set up a few gifts around the house for Darren to wake up to.  The first gift was an improvised coffee cup that said, "BEST.DAD.EVER", along with some bourbon infused coffee, from Uncommon Goods.  

I fell in LOVE with the below T-Shirt.  It spells out my husband, their father perfectly.  "HUSBAND. DADDY. HERO."  That he is.
Every year, we do this comical, smooshed faces photo.  I love to see how these photos change from year to year.  
Later in the evening we took Darren's dad to dinner to celebrate both dads.  We met up at Carrabas' Italian Grill and blessed Reid/Grandad with an Amazon Echo.  
Darren and Lilah: These two are the funniest duo.  They are both so witty, sweet spirit, and man o'day... mess with anyone in our family and you'll wish you hadn't.  They love HARD! Darren, you know my story.  You know what every little girl deserves, craves, wants, and needs from her father.  You have filled all of my emptiness, hurt, and struggles by allowing me to witness the most precious gift you have given to our only daughter... A God fearing, hard-workng, generous, kind, involved, protective, supportive daddy with the upmost integrity.  She loves you and I love you!

Darren, Ty, and Jax: This man puts his absolute heart and soul into these boys.  He is not only their daddy, but hie is their COACH.  He coaches them through life in our home, on the court, in our backyard, and even on our car rides to and from.  He is raising  two sons to be gentleman, complimentary, selfless, amazing husbands, and excellent fathers.  Darren may only have 3 children, but I know there are so many youth out there who personally light up when Darren walks into a room.  One of Ty's friends even said, after TY's paintball party, "The best part about Ty's party was Mr. Bolling played with us!"  MELT. MY. HEART. There are so many youth who jokingly call him dad, but probably because he's so sincere to every boy he coaches.  Darren, so many young men take your advice to heart and look up to you.  The roll you play in not only our sons' loves, but so many other boys' lives is a beautiful thing to have a front row seat to.  You are their hero.  AND MINE!

Happy Father's Day!

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