Monday, June 4, 2018

"Expressions In Dance" ~ DDC Recital 2018

Recital time finally arrived.  Lilah has been working since September to learn both of her routines for Hip Hop and Jazz Dance.  I am not sure if you recall, but we decided to switch dance studios in the Fall of 2017.  Divine Dance Center is Lilah's current dance home. 

The theme of the dance recital was called "Expressions In Dance".  There were so many dances that the recital was broken up into two performances, in the same day!  Both of Lilah's dances were in the 6:00 pm show and was located in the Shaftman Hall, at the Jefferson Center.  

I am so proud of Lilah.  She seems very confident and natural on the stage, in addition to being able to perform with joy.  Her facial expressions and body language scream happiness.  

The first dance that Lilah performed in was a very well known song by Madonna called "Get Into The Grove".  It was a jazz performance.  I loved the adorable, polka dotted costumes.  Her little shoulders peaking through created that little bit of sass and pizazz, but I do appreciate the modesty STILL behind the costume.  
The second dance that Lilah performed in was a song called "This Instant", by Sophia Fresh. This was a Hip Hop styled dance.  The costumes were so adorable.  I loved the black sequined, high top sneakers, the teal sequined "gloves", and the leggings.  I wasn't as much a fan of the hat, because it hid the girls' cuteness, but it did totally fit the dance style.
The rules at the Jefferson Center are really strict.  I was only allowed to take NON FLASH photography.  I did the best I could to capture this special memory, but between MOVEMENT, POOR LIGHTING, and my husband's seat selection, I had my work cut out of me.  LOL!

Enjoy the photos I am posting in the body of this post, but then be sure to also check out the online photo album. This photo album includes ALL OF THE PHOTOS that I took on both rehearsal day and recital night. I always try to capture photos of other dancers that Lilah and I know/love or dances that I felt were extra amazing.  

Here are a few videos I was able to capture!  
The video below is a cute dance Liley made up BEFORE heading to rehearsal practice. She was getting out some jitters by dancing them away. I LOVE her ability to think for herself as she choreographs dances on her own time. Hehe.

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